Portland New Construction

We serve the Portland Metro Area, Vancouver, and all surrounding cities.

New Construction

New construction is one the main services we offer. With more than 25 years of work in all fields of construction, from framing to seismic retrofits, we are happy to bring our extensive knowledge to your next project. We approach each client with professionalism and strive for creative solutions for each and every job. We welcome any inquiries and are here to help you complete your projects on time and within budget.

General Construction Services

Our general construction services include but are not limited to new construction, additions, repairs, remodeling or tenant improvements:

  1. Complete ground-up construction (excavation, foundation, framing, utilities, finishes).
  2. Replacement of concrete foundation systems and base plates, sill plates and anchor bolts.
  3. Replacement of structural wood-framed, steel-framed or concrete-framed construction systems for and structural floors, walls.
  4. Installation of new roofing membranes, electrical, plumbing, mechanical, elevator system, communications systems, kitchens (with hood, fire safety and other mechanical/electrical requirements), doors, windows, storefronts, handicap accessible restrooms and interior/exterior finishes, including stone, wood and metal, throughout the project.

We work with a network of cost effective, fully insured and fast track sub-contractors which normally provide the non structural activities of our construction.

Remodeling - New Construction

From listening to our customer wants and needs, helping them with creative cost efficient ideas, drawing up the plans, obtaining the permits, working with the city inspectors and most importantly, completing the job on time and on budget, our work is exemplary. Equally important, the job is completed from beginning to end with a minimal amount of disruption.

New Construction. Additional Floor and Remodeling

Working on any kind of new construction within Portland Oregon is something that we are happy to do. At JAM Concept Remodelling, we work on all manner of projects, including fresh and new constructions. If you are looking for someone with knowledge of handling the modelling of a whole new construction with elegance and modernity, then you need only pick up the phone and give us a call. Tell us where your Portland OR new build is, and we’ll be there to check it out and see what kind of help we can provide you with.

New constructions require a lot of work, and they need to be carried out by people with a knowledge of the task at hand. That’s why a new construction project in Portland should always be carried out by people with plenty of knowledge. Having been in the building trade for over 25 years, we understand the realities of new construction modelling.

As our service list shows, we have an extensive and full understanding of the challenges involved in construction. Whether you need to have foundations replaced or improved, or you are looking to begin from the excavation stage, we are here to begin. We can take a look at everything from planning and placing foundations to framing, fitting utilities, and then adding the finish that you want.

Whatever you wish to include as part of your new construction in Portland, our team will find the best way to do it.

New Construction. ADU

You likely have many ideas in your mind about what you want to have included in your new construction build. And we want to help you make sure that as few of those ideas as possible are left behind. We fully understand the challenge of building a new property, but we also don’t wish for you to settle for second best. This is your property, so why not make it entirely as you want it?

With our skills and experience in the new construction trade, we can build just about any residential or commercial feature that you might have your eyes on. Our general construction services seen above should go a long way to helping you make the right choices when it comes to choosing what to fit into your new build. We can add, replace, remove, and adjust just about any feature of the new construction, so let us know what your aims and ambitions are.

Our team can then work with you to build a realistic plan to ensure that all that you have asked for can be included without delay. With our team fully licensed and insured to take on even the most challenging of jobs, and a web of trusted sub-contractors we’ve worked with many times before, we always send the best people for the job.

So, for more help with getting a new construction project in Portland OR off to the best start, contact us today.

We will help you to build your dreams!