ADU Accessory Dwelling Unit

Construction has gone far more than you can imagine in recent times. This is evident on how people are hiring companies to handle accessory dwelling units (ADU) in their houses. Your need to add this form of construction to your present house may be due to wanting to create extra space for granny, earn more money from rental income or others.

ADUs can be very fascinating given that they help you turn unused spaces into something that is useful. It can even be turned into a space that you will be receiving rent from. This means you’ve got the chance to earn passive income through such structures.

What you need to know

Despite the benefits of ADU being stated above, there is no doubt that you stand the chance of not getting your needs met. This is because most of the companies out there aren’t good enough when it comes to constructing home Additions. Don’t forget that this is one aspect where high level of creativity and innovation will have to come in.

The good part is that with the expertise of a company like JAM Concept Remodel, you don’t have to panic about whether your needs regarding ADU construction will be met or not. This is one area where we have always proven to have vast level of knowledge and understanding over the years.

How we can help

JAM Concept Remodel is existing to ensure that all of your home remodeling and construction needs are met. Even if you plan doing home Additions for your grandparents, be rest assured that we will always be there to provide the best of help.


We know the best ways of attaching a room to any existing building. We are not only going to do such project according to your instructions but will also ensure to make recommendations and suggestions wherever necessary.

We are a top company with very vast knowledge on how to make the most of unused spaces in any house. This is why we are very confident of meeting your needs without compromise. It means that if you need to make a perfect in-law addition which your loved ones will be proud of, you’ve definitely come to the right place.

Our experience

The truth about ADU is that they can help you save lots of money in the long run which would have been used in setting up a new structure. However, the company you are hiring to handle such project matters a lot in such regards. This is because making an in-law addition is something that transcends what you may be imagining at the moment.

We are the trusted company to handle such a project without any hassle. This is because of our vast level of experience. Such has helped us to successfully handle ADU projects in the past for clients without any complaints.

Why you can trust us

We have updated knowledge about the best ways of handling projects. You can always be rest assured that your safety is guaranteed. Our experts will handle the design and construction in an impeccable way. There is no doubt that you will definitely be highly impressed. With our existence, it is obvious that making an in-law addition just got easier than you are thinking.

We have a mission which is to ensure that the services related to ADU to be provided to clients like you are nothing short of the best. This is only a sign that your needs are atop our priorities. In other words, we are primarily existing to help ensure that all of your ADU construction needs are met fully. You have definitely come to the right place.

More or of work

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