How to smell like vanilla

How to Make Your Room Smell Like Vanilla

Using vanilla extract — a liquid made from vanilla beans soaking into alcohol, helps you to get an answer on how to smell like vanilla in your room. After you put some concentrates in your room, the vanilla aroma you want to saturate the air in your room won’t take long.

The purpose of this formula is to dissolve and maintain disgusting chemical smells. If you adore the vanilla smell like me and want to refresh your house – try this easy spritzer. Smells like cookies that are newly made – and it is so natural to spray on your body! A good two-in-one product, don’t you love it?! It is equally straightforward to do so in two ways.

Steps For How to Smell Like Vanilla

1- Clean the Bedroom

  • Whenever feasible, open your window for fresh air to your room at least once a week. There is no finer air than the fresh air; the sunshine may also destroy molds and other germs that cause smells.
  • Wash your bed linen and bowls once a week and clean your clothes at least once a week (every 3 months). If you don’t frequently wash it, bedding may be odorous.
  • Use a dust cloth in microfiber to capture dust, or use handmade lemon rags for a fresh flavour. Taking the rags into your bookshelves and the windows, gadgets, etc. make them dust in advance.
  • Mix 1 cup of water (240 mL), 1 cup of white vinegar (240mL), and 1 olive oil (15 mL).
  • Soak in the solution a few dust cloths. Old t-shirts and underwear may be used as star cleaners for a second life!
  • Roll out the rags and place them in a glass jar with a rind of 1 lemon cut into a few pieces, and then put them in a glass jar. Tightly close the jar.
  • Dilute some of your favorite essential oil with water to make things smell extra pleasant. Moisturize a cloth.
  • Once your room has been cleaned, vacuum guarantees you have everything cleared off your floor. Don’t forget the corners, the tiled furniture, the walls beneath the bed, and the dust collection.

2- Removing odours

Make a non-smoking effect in your bedroom. You can clean up your waste. Don’t wear your bedroom shoes. Do not wear shoes. Use a refresher for your carpet.

3- Use natural air fresheners

Fill up your space with some plants. Give some gout extract vanilla to a cold bulb. The warmth from the bulb gives off a nice fragrance when you switch on the light. Try scented candles for natural soy or wax.

4- Use heat trick

Collect a little vanilla extract into a dropper, sufficient to create 2-3 drops. Find the available light bulb, such as a lamp, or a hanging light fixture put in an installation in a room. Drop the dropper on a light bulb for two or three drops of vanilla essence. Turn on the light. Turn on the light. The heat and the extract create the vanilla scent to wave in the area.


These are the guidelines for how to smell like vanilla for your room. For more information feel free to contact

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