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Upgrades that will help you to increase home value


To make the home more attractive and well-designed you must increase home value. The reason behind this is a majority of home buyers demand ample space for their homes. According to a survey, individuals who have purchased a house in the last three years or intend to do so in the next three years individuals who have purchased a house in the last three years or intend to do so, regardless of their income bracket, preferred more square footage. So to add value to your home you must need to do some upgrades so that your property can become more valuable.

These are the upgrades that will increase actual square footage and increase your home value

Expand the floor layout

The large layout on customers’ wish lists is created by pulling down the right wall. Buyers like designs that fully or partly open up the family room and kitchen. An open floor plan suggests an increased amount of natural light to enter the room, which is always appealing. Before you take up a sledgehammer, consult a contractor or an interior designer about structural support and space definition.

Do some high-demand finishes

If you’re intending to sell soon, you may increase demand for your home by making upgrades that today’s purchasers want. This may involve the addition of stainless-steel appliances and/or quartz countertops to the kitchen, as opposed to other high-quality finishes that may not get as much attention.

Smaller finishes may attract a buyer’s attention while reducing the cost of upgrading and also helps you to increase home value. Consider making small adjustments such as changing brass doorknobs and locks to brushed nickel or replacing yellow incandescent bulbs with brighter LED illumination.

Increase your finished square footage

Adding value to your home by finishing an unfinished basement or other unfinished rooms or spaces may be a very inexpensive way to do it. If you build a basement bedroom in an unfinished space, you may easily add over 100 square feet to the footprint of your house while also adding another bedroom and boosting its value. Many homes are evaluated by multiplying the square footage by a comparable rate for that kind of property in your neighborhood, which means that increasing square footage nearly always increases the selling price.

Get a door of steel

Over the past three years, research indicates that replacing an old entry door with a steel door increased home value by 69 percent and 91 percent. Buyers will value metal’s energy efficiency, low maintenance, and cold-blocking qualities.

Retouch your outside paint as necessary

You don’t have to repaint your whole home to make it seem fresh if you’re on a budget. Remove dirt and mold, patch up peeling or damaged paint, or power wash the outside. You may also just paint the front door and its trim.

Do some upgrades to your kitchen and bathroom

Kitchens and baths are usually regarded as the most impactful sections of a house for potential buyers. Additionally, they are the first sections of your house to become outdated when appliances, finishes, and another décor become obsolete.

As a consequence, remodeling your kitchen and bathroom is a smart investment that can effectively increase home value. Bathroom upgrades and renovations are extremely cost-effective, particularly if you’re constructing a new bathroom or expanding from a half-bath to a full bath.


These are some valuable changes that can add more value to your home. Instead of increasing your property value, it will provide your home with ample space to do any type of furnishing. After doing these upgrades I am sure that your home will also look bigger. To increase your home value feel free to contact us

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